For the Photo Op

We all do a lot of things for the gram. So bring along your Instagram husband to catch Kansas City in the best light.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.14.24 PM.png


  1. KC Loves mural (1720 Main St. Top floor of parking garage)
  2. Crafted in Kansas City mural: in the East Bottoms outside Urban Provisions General Store (2626 Guinotte Ave)
  3. Luv Midtown KC mural: (3945 Main St in the heart of Midtown)
  4. Kansas City I’m so in Love mural: This one was in the Crossroads at Fortuity Boutique. But the store recently relocated to the Plaza where they say the mural will be reappearing soon. (422 Nichols Road) 
  5. Kansas City Royals mural (corner of Oak and 17th)
  6. Power & Light Jazz Mural (1100 Walnut St)
  7. Lewis & Clark Expedition mural: River Market (115 W 15th St)
  8. Giant Bookshelf mural: Central Library Parking Garage. (14 W 10th St)
  9. Crossroads. There are tons of murals all around the Crossroads area, including this cool one outside Ruins Pub.




  1. The Shuttlecocks: On the Nelson Atkins Art Museum Lawn. (4525 Oak St. Best photo would be from Emmanuel Cleaver II Blvd side.)
  2. Western Auto Sign (2107 Grand St)
  3. JC Nichols Fountain (47th JC Nichols Pkwy,)



For the View

  1. Liberty Memorial: A 360 view of the city from the top. Take an elevator ride to the top included in WW1 ticket. $5 if you just want a quick ride and pic. (2 Memorial Dr)
  2. Town of Kansas Observation Deck/Heart of America Bridge. Look out over the Missouri River (1st St & Main -ish)
  3. Downtown View: Take a Kansas City, Mo City Hall tour and go to the roof. (414 E 12th St.)
  4. Rooftop Park @ Cosentino’s Downtown: Go into Cosentino’s and/or take the elevator (via the parking garage or right outside the Cosentino’s check out exit) to the 6th/top floor. (10 E 13th St)



For the Fauna

  1. City Market: Pick up a cheap bouquet at the City Market for prime styling (20 E 5th St)
  2. Grinter Farms Sunflower Field (24154 Stillwell Rd, Lawrence, KS)
  3. Louisburg Cider Mill Pumpkin Patch (14730 KS-68, Louisburg, KS) or Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch (17701 Holmes Rd, Belton, MO)
  4. Swope Park: The city’s largest green space and home to a great rose garden. (3999 Swope Pkwy & E Meyer Blvd)

Other Spots

  1. Plaza Stairs: Blue stairs on the Plaza between H&M and Scooter’s Coffee. While you’re there, any photos of the Plaza are bound to turn out well. The place is full of colorful 1930s Spanish architecture. (440 W 47th St.)
  2. Silver Tree, Clear Maze: Nelson Atkins Art Museum (4525 Oak St.)
  3. Giant Spider: If you’re not creeped out by standing below a giant spider, this one’s right outside the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (4420 Warwick Blvd)
  4. Union Station: Decadent Art Deco architecture (30 W Pershing Rd)
  5. Plaza Lights: Evenings during the winter holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years. (4750 Broadway)
  6. Lost in Books: Prospero’s Books (1800 W 39th St). They have a book ladder and a maze of paperbacks. Or the Kansas City Public Library with a great window view of the city or the book circle sculpture in the foyer. (4801 Main St)
  7. Hipster Coffee Photo: Thou Mayest for all your exposed brick dreams (419 E 18th St), Monarch Coffee for a slick scene and killer wallpaper (3550 Broadway)



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