For the Girls Weekend

Grab the girls for a weekend in Kansas City.

(Complete with photo ops!)

Friday Evening

The girls are here! If they get here in the early afternoon or evening, go for a stroll along the Plaza and enjoy a large selection of shopping at America’s first outdoor mall, the brainchild of JC Nichols. Most stores are open till 9 pm (but check the hours for your faves).

Stop by the JC Nichols fountain (the one with all the horses) for your first photo op of the weekend!

Bonus photo ops:

  • blue stairs next to H&M.
  • shuttlecocks on the Nelson Atkins lawn

Celebrate with dinner at the Plaza, Westport, Crossroads. Wherever you feel like.

My faves:

Plaza – Minksy’s Pizza (near Plaza)

Westport – Port Fonda, McCoy’s, Jerusalem Cafe

Crossroads – Lulu’s Thai (actually my fave KC restaurant)



Classic Cup – Classy cuisine with white tablecloths. You’ll feel really fancy. Great patio. (Plaza)

First Watch – Where gluten-free weirdos, lumberjacks, and “I don’t really eat breakfast” people can actually share a meal. Also great seasonal drinks.

Corner Cafe – Real bacon.

Blue Bird – Mimosa on repeat.

Succotash – The quirky brunch place in town.


Union Station

Park at or around Union Station. Then for a good view of the city walk up to the WW1 memorial.

Photo op: WWI Memorial overlooking Union Station.

Step into Union Station for some beautiful art deco architecture (and maybe some good photos). Take the streetcar down to The City Market. Don’t worry, it’s FREE! And it goes from Union Station all the way down to The City Market. But feel free to stop along the way (maybe at 19th & Main for The Roasterie, or 14th for a good rooftop park at Cosentino’s and a good view of the city).

City Market

Everything here is awesome. Grab fresh flowers at The Dutch Market, scoop up a variety of spices, or find a fun trinket at the Flea Market. Stroll through the market for fresh produce, or stop in at the little kiosks and restaurants for authentic cuisine from around the world.

Public Library

All you bookworms should make a stop at the downtown public library on your way back to the car via streetcar. The downtown public library is famous for its huge book mural along the side of the building. And there’s a life-size rooftop chessboard!



No trip to KC would be complete without barbeque. Here, we’re known for a slow and steady approach to our bbq. And for our “burnt ends” which are fatty, juicy, melt-in-your mouth wonderfulness usually on a sandwich (“meat on a bun”).

Now, BBQ is a hot debate around here, though Joe’s KC literally just won best KC in the nation.

If you’re going to try Joe’s KC, go to the original hole-in-the-wall gas station location. It’s a bit of a wait, but worth it. And visitors love it.

However, if you’d like a traditional sit-down restaurant with drinks and atmosphere, head over to Q39 on 39th Street. It’s all the rage right now (they just opened a Leawood location), and it’s preeeetty good. I recommend the burnt end burger, and if you have room, split the onion strings.


Classy ladies need classy drinks. For a good dose of KC atmosphere, I highly recommend one of my (and like everyone’s) favorite places in KC: The Green Lady Lounge. It’s KC’s favorite “hidden” gem with great jazz all weekend in a swanky speakeasy-type vibe. We’re talking red velvet, mirrors, and black leather all under dimly light candles (which I often have to use to see the menu). Any of their cocktails are pretty good. The later you go the better (we’re talking earliest 9 pm). And yes, it looks sketchy from the outside, but that’s half the appeal. Things aren’t always as they appear.


Manifesto: This city is currently obsessed with speakeasies and that obsession could probably be attributed to the success of Manifesto. It’s a small, intimate cocktail lounge that opened in 2009 in the basement of The Rieger, originally a hotel that was built in 1915. It was operated as a “Speakeasy” during Prohibition and was frequented by the likes of Tom Pendergast and Al Capone.



Monarch: Fight the morning with a strong coffee at the newest coffee shop, Monarch. White tiles, flowery wallpaper. Super hipster but the coffee is good and perfect for … you guessed it… a photo op.

On your way out, stop by Dear Society, an adorable boutique and treat yourself to a lovely collection of vintage goodies.



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